Why i want to be a security guard

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Why i want to be a security guard

Everyone knows that job interviews can be nerve-wracking. You can take the edge off by preparing. Being ready for the Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers will put you ahead of the other applicants. Being a security guard is no easy job.

You will inevitably have days that are uneventful and boring but you have to remain alert. There will be situations where you are put in danger and have to be smart, quick, and responsible.

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Your potential employer wants to know that you have the experience and resilience to do the job right. Their questions are designed to test your knowledge and professionalism. Common Questions and Answers There are many questions you will be asked but these are a general guideline of what security guard employers want to know.

You will most likely be asked how you will handle boredom if you work during a slow period or off-hours. Say something like this: I would simply keep walking the perimeter to keep the scenery fresh and stay alert at all times.

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You should do some research on guidelines regarding the use of these weapons in dangerous situations. If you have direct experience you may elaborate on it. Otherwise simply explain that you are a quick learner and responsible person. You might be working with multiple other security guards in order to provide utmost protection.

They also want to know how you will interact with regular people. Talk about your good communication skills and be sure to say that you are a flexible person. State that you are perfectly capable of working alone or on a team. Your interviewee will also ask you about what you would do in a dangerous situation, such as if a perpetrator had a gun.

You want to say that you would follow the company policy. Typically you would allow the gunman to enter then use protocol to contact law enforcement. Do the proper research of the company you are applying for and see if you can read up on their policy.

Why i want to be a security guard

During the whole interview you want to make it clear that you are willing to protect the facility, yourself, your co-workers, and other employees in the store. Demonstrate your willingness to protect, serve, and work alone or in a team. Keep your confidence high and go into the interview with a positive mindset.Free Practice Analysis: Fill out the form and a veteran Cambridge consultant will reach out to you.

You will not be pressured to buy anything. In order to know how to be a security guard, you should think about the instruction and training essentials for the occupation. You will be happy to realize that luckily the work of a security guard does not oblige you to experience any fastidious or thorough training.

Why I Want To Be A Security Guard Introduction A security guard (or security officer) is a person who is paid to protect property, assets and people. Security guards are . In order to become an armed security guard and carry a firearm with you while on duty, you must first complete additional hours of training that specializes in firearm handling and safety.

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This feels very creepy and police-state-like. What on earth could Walmart be worried about? EDITED TO ADD (1/4): A reader points out that they're increasingly common in parking lots to deter automobile crimes.

People hire security personnel for precaution, so if you have belongings that others may want to steal, a security guard will do everything in his power to protect those items.

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