Travelling essay writing

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Travelling essay writing

Of course, you cannot abandon everything and set off to go on a world trip. All of us have duties, responsibilities, debts, connections, and these kinds of ties are probably the most effective means to bind you to one place.

However, the advice to travel does not necessarily imply something like departing to Nepal, living among monks, meditating, and living on alms for years—or whatever else people usually imagine when thinking about travelling.

A huge part of our daily problems remains in the context in which these problems appeared, and thus you think about them regularly.

When you are stressed, your thoughts obviously cannot be positive and optimistic. So, whether you want it or not, you will view your life situation from a rather pessimistic perspective, assuming the worst case scenarios, and so on.

However, when you board a plane, fly over seas or at least head to the neighboring state where you have never been beforeyou almost immediately start to feel your problems fade.

Of course, I am not saying the easiest way to feel better is to escape from problems; I rather mean that taking a break, allowing yourself to breathe in some fresh air can give you a new perspective, or at least distract your mind from ruminating on the same situation over and over again.

Having a good rest is a necessary condition of any recovery, and your mind definitely needs rest from time to time.

Speaking of new perspectives, when travelling, you will inevitably meet a lot of new people. Some of them will become friends of yours, some will remain strangers.

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Regardless of whether you prefer hotels or hostels, hitchhiking or airplanes, tropical resorts or ancient European towns, you will be always surrounded by people.

A good idea would be to make some acquaintances and communicate. Whether you need advice, condolence, or a person who would quietly listen to you as you share your hardships, there is no better opportunity to get all this then while travelling.

Besides, at some point, you might discover that people you meet had gone through the same or similar difficulties; you will be surprised that you and your problems are not unique, that people all over the world suffer from the same things, have the same feelings, and behave in similar ways.

Besides, when travelling, you learn to live in the moment.

Travelling essay writing

However, living in the moment might imply something more than swimming with sharks naked, sniffing cocaine, or jumping from skyscrapers with a pilot chute. You might feel the moment as you watch the sun rise over the canals of Venice; you might feel it when contemplating the grandeur of the Great Canyon; you might live in the moment when you find yourself playing football with teenagers in Malawi.

Travelling essay writing

Every new experience, every impression you have is a gateway to the present moment—and this moment can be what you need to recover from a long period of stress and loss. When travelling, you will have to learn to improvise and adapt to new situations on the go.

Sometimes you arrive at a hotel you booked two weeks ago only to find out your room was given to someone else and there are no free hotels in the town left; sometimes you might have valuable belongings stolen or lost; or you might find yourself in a situation when the whole plan of your trip does not work, because you did not know what challenges you would face in a new country.

When you are at home, where everything is so familiar and safe, you do not have the chance to improvise; you drift with the flow hoping it brings you to where you need.

Any journey, however, is a fresh set of situations, circumstances, coincidences, all of which intertwine in the most peculiar combinations, so you cannot apply your previous life experiences to them; therefore, you need to adapt. You need to seek new decisions, sources of help, you learn to solve your problems, and solve them on your own—in a new country, you cannot afford sitting and whining about how unfair life is.

You need to solve your problems: And these skills—improvisation and adaptation—are probably the most valuable ones in terms of problem-solving. Travelling is not a panacea. It will not eradicate your pain if you have lost someone dear, or go through a divorce, or go bankrupt.

It will not magically dissolve your problems: But it will do something to you.

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It will teach you that you are not alone: Along with some psychological support and comfort you might get from this knowledge, you will learn to enjoy the simple beauty of moments: You will become more flexible and adaptive, because you will have no other choice: All this, as well as other effects travelling will have on you, will help you recover from your mental wounds, get rid of the excessive stress, and give you the skills and energy!Applications are now being accepted for the Consumer Runner Scholarship.

This year, we would like to help students focus on communication, constructive criticism, and professionalism since these are all important elements that apply in the world of education and the workplace.

In a reflective essay, you need to express your thoughts and emotions about certain events or phenomena. Writing this type of essay provides solid training to sharpen your critical thinking skills, as well as your ability to develop and express opinions.

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Now it will certainly . Quiz: An airport announcement. Have you ever had to wait for a delayed flight? What was the reason?

What other reasons can you think of that would cause the flight to be delayed or cancelled?

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