Thesis on gulf oil spill

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Thesis on gulf oil spill

Thesis on gulf oil spill

Georgia Department of Natural Resources Over the course of 87 days, the damaged Macondo wellhead, located around 5, feet beneath the ocean's surface, leaked an estimated 3.

Once the oil left the well, it spread throughout the water column. Some floated to the ocean's surface to form oil slicks, which can spread more quickly by being pushed by winds. Some hovered suspended in the midwater after rising from the wellhead like a chimney and forming several layers of oil, dispersant and seawater mixtures drifting down current; during the spill a mile long oil plume was reported.


This plume formed because chemical dispersants, released into the water to break up the oil so it could wash awayallowed the oil to mix with seawater and stay suspended below the surface.

And some oil sunk to the seafloor by gluing together falling particles in the water such as bacteria and phytoplankton to form marine snow. As much as 20 percent of the spilled oil may have ended up on top of and in the seafloor, damaging deep sea corals and potentially damaging other ecosystems that are unseen at the surface.

The island is a sensitive nesting area for brown pelicans. More about the Gulf oil spill can be found in our Gulf oil spill featured story. Petty Officer 3rd Class Cory J. Coast Guard When oil spills into the ocean, it is difficult to clean up.

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Thesis on gulf oil spill

Part of the difficulty is that no two spills are alike. The amount and type of oil whether crude or refined affects how it spreads, and a spill in seawater spreads differently than freshwater.

Local environmental conditions also play a huge role: This variability makes it difficult to plan for spills ahead of time. The most basic method of clean up is to control the spread of the oil using physical barriers. When oil spills in water, it tends to float to the surface and spread out, forming a thin slick just a few millimeters thick.

A very thin slick is called a sheen, which often looks like a rainbow and can be seen in parking lots after a rainstorm. Cleanup workers first surround the slick with floating booms to keep it from spreading to harbors, beaches or biologically important areas like marshes. Then they can use different tools to remove the collected oil.

Often they will drive skimmers, boats that skim spilled water from the water's surface, through the slick. After most of the oil is removed by skimmers, workers use sorbents to mop up the trace amounts left behind.

The U.S. has officially recognized the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico’s the largest environmental disaster in the history of the country. Executive Director of BP, Tony Hayward in May denied the claims of scientists about the discovery in the Gulf of Mexico the large submarine accumulations of oil. Oil is a product used by everyone, but sometimes oil is a problem. An oil spill is a leakage from an oceangoing tanker, pipelines, or other oil sources. Gulf of mexico oil spill essay writing. james reliable essays on global warming searle speech acts an essay in the philosophy of language global ethics seminal essays about life pasasalamat sa kaibigan essay writer unc wilmington admission essay completing story unity is strength essay smoking essays.

Sorbents either absorb oil like a sponge or adsorb oil, which means that oil sticks to its surface. They come in three main types: Which type is used will depend on the particular spill, as some types of sorbents work best on different types of oil and under different weather conditions.The largest accidental marine oil spill in human history happened April 20, , in the Gulf of Mexico.

An explosion was caused when methane gas was released .

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The gulf oil spill has resulted in the killing, displacement and destruction of habitat of several animal and plant species most of which are endangered (Bowman, ). Through the different agencies responsible for marine life, the federal government can sue the companies responsible for the oil spill.

The company's Gulf of Mexico regional oil spill response plan specifically instructs officials not to make "promises that property, ecology, or anything else will be restored to normal".

Essays on Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill. Gulf Of Mexico Oil Spill Search. Search Results. Gulf Of Mexico's Environmental Disaster many risks.

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Department of the Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Gulf Oil Spill ENV/ February 27, Norma Turner Gulf Oil Spill The Deepwater Horizon oil spill is considered to be the largest accidental marine oil spill in the history of the petroleum industry.

The spill occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on April 20, The spill was the result of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon offshore drilling rig.

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