The total value of counterfeit goods

When it comes to fake products, the sheer size of the industry is staggering. It even rivals the international trade in illegal drugs.

The total value of counterfeit goods

It is possible to find counterfeit goods at your local store these days too. Counterfeit Goods What is remarkable about this above figure is that this includes just 26 different known counterfeit products that are tracked over 88 countries.

It is big business, especially when intellectual property thefts are included, and only a fraction of it is ever caught. The percentage of counterfeit drugs that contain the incorrect amount of proper ingredients: Things that are too good to be true almost always are.

These sales affect more than just the intellectual property profits of an artist or business. It also reduces the amount of taxes that are collected, which reduces annual budgets, and that means jobs can be affected as well. Will one pirated movie destroy civilization? Are Counterfeiters Losing The Battle?

In Europe, there were almost 87, detention cases that were directly attributed to counterfeiting products. For counterfeit foods, the leading export of the fake products is Egypt. The decline of importations is a good sign that efforts to stop counterfeiting are working, but the value of what is being seized is going up.

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China is estimated to account for The only European country to make the Top 10 list of top counterfeiting nations is Switzerland, which was ranked 8 in the last year. Internet auction fraud is the most commonly reported internet crime, comprising nearly two-thirds of all complaints.

This is why counterfeiting is such a big issue. Then they need some cash fast, so they sell the product on eBay. Then there are the sellers that are blatantly using their home as a front for counterfeit goods, contributing to the problem even more. Anyone who purchases an item with an expectation of authenticity and receives something else instead becomes the victim of a crime.

Over half of people in a UK survey admitted to purchasing knock-off versions products, including movies. There is a direct link to income levels and counterfeit goods purchasing — lower incomes purchase more counterfeit items.

There needs to be a balance between cost and revenue. If intellectual property is valued so low, then it is no wonder that artists are looking elsewhere for income or participating in the counterfeit market themselves.

Until counterfeiting pays less than legal purchases or streaming options, then it is going to always exist.counterfeit goods, (ii) the value of digital piracy, and (iii) wider economic impacts. Our approach and analysis is a follow-on study from our report for BASCAP, which built on the OECD’s analysis.

Counterfeiting adds up 23, Total Number (including Hong Kong) $ Billion. Total Value of IPR-related Seizures (MSRP) in $ Billion. Estimated Value of Cross-Border Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Physical Goods () $ Trillion.

The total value of counterfeit goods

Projected Value of Global Trade in Counterfeit and Pirated Goods in U.S. Counterfeit and pirated products come from many economies, with China appearing as the single largest producing market. These illegal products are frequently found in a range of industries, from luxury items (e.g.

fashion apparel or deluxe watches), via intermediary products (such as machines, spare parts or chemicals) to consumer goods that have an impact on personal health and safety (such. NOTE - The FARSite is the authoritative source for the AFFARS only.

The FARSite is only an electronic representation of the FAR and the other supplements.

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What was the total amount paid for the goods or services? - Enter a value in pounds and pence only e.g. , please do not enter any text or other characters such as (-). The total value of counterfeit goods produced in China increased substantially from approximately between $19 billion and $24 billion a year in to $ billion in (Hays ).

The total value of counterfeit goods

Moreover, the research of Hays pointed out that counterfeits created million jobs, $ billion in economy activity, and $67 billion in tax revenues.

Global trade in fake goods worth nearly half a trillion dollars a year - OECD & EUIPO - OECD