The results of being workaholic

Written by Tim Ferriss Topics: It was an intense period. In this post, Charlie will share his M. There are six techniques in total.

The results of being workaholic

Unfortunately, his family is mostly indifferent towards his creative streak, which is a constant source of frustration for him. Ian is intelligent, if somewhat naive, and he has a very large imagination, and often gets lost in daydreams many of which are parodies of famous films.

His ultimate dream is to win an Academy Award, to the point that he constantly practices his acceptance speech, just so he will not be caught speechless if and The results of being workaholic it ever does happen.

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Aside from this, Ian is a typical sitcom child; most plots involve him either failing at an elaborate scheme or trying desperately to survive in a world that does not seem to fit his ideals.

He has a crush on Sandi as seen in various animated thoughts.

The results of being workaholic

He owns Kelley's Keyboards, a local music store. Ken, while a loving husband and father, is somewhat clueless, easily distracted, and chronically uncool. While he tries his best to keep his household in check, every member of his family knows exactly how to get their way with him.

Ken is chronically dependent on his wife to keep his life in check; when she temporarily left him, it only took a few days for him to regress to a neanderthal. When he was younger, Ken dreamed of becoming a recording star and showing up all of the "cool" kids who snubbed him.

However, his recording career ended the same day it began, as the only song he played was " I's the B'y ". While often used for comic relief, Ken can be a sympathetic character, especially when he seems aware of how uncool he is.

Ken is a workaholic and has a very gung-ho attitude towards volunteer service, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his sons do not share his attitude.

His catchphrase is "Holy Moli, Ravioli! She divides her time as a homemaker and helping Ken run the music store. While she loves her husband and sons very dearly, they all have a good reason to fear her wrath.

While she usually is the most level-headed member of the family, Vicki can be surprisingly petty and selfish when she does not get her own way.

She also constantly annoys her family with odd obsessions she develops collector's spoons, organic food, deformed animals, etc. Usually her husband and sons are at her wrath, while she is proud of their achievements and they take care about each other. A laid-back, somewhat doltish teenager, Kyle is not stupid so much as lazy; he knows how to get his way around the house, and sees no reason to put any real effort into anything.

Unknown to most, he is actually very intelligent; he is able to spell extremely difficult words with ease, can perform complex mathematical equations in his head, and can memorize entire science textbooks.

The only thing that Kyle is really interested in is the opposite sex; he readily will take chase after any attractive female that catches his eye, but his pursuits seldom lead to anything other than rejection. As with Korey, Kyle has a playfully antagonistic relationship with the well-behaved Ian; while he probably cares for the "doofus" deep down, the temptations to play off of Ian's gullibility and sensitivity are too much for him to resist most of the time.

Korey is a rather iconoclastic individual - not even his own family understands him most of the time.

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Most of the time Korey seems lost in his own world, Despite this, Korey actually has a sharp mind and is often very observant - it seems he simply chooses not to be aware of his surroundings most of the time. Caught in the middle between his two brothers, as being the middle child Korey combines the niceness and sensitiveness of the youngest child and the laziness of the oldest to form his own personality.

Although it's not shown as much, Korey sometimes openly shows affection and kindness for Ian and his other family members; however, this is overlooked quite a lot as he is often playing pranks with Kyle and is very lazy at times.

A running gag is that Korey never removes his cap, even when he sleeps. Chopin Voiced by David Kaye Chopin is the Kelley family dog, a lap dog of indeterminate breed who is missing one of his hind legs. Ian received him as a gift when he was young, and it has since come out that Vicky, who cares deeply for deformed animals, told him that all dogs have three legs at the time.

Chopin's role is mostly limited to physical comedy - an often-used gag is the fact that Chopin is unable to stay upright when he lifts a leg to urinate. Considerably more together than Ian, Tyrone often attempts to act as the voice of reason, although he is usually willing to go along with whatever schemes his friend cooks up.

Tyrone is usually the one to pull Ian back to reality when one of his fantasies goes too far. His father is a 6'8 African-American basketball player. His mother is a 4'3 Asian nurse. Germain Sandi is Ian's other best friend. She is an athletic, short-tempered tomboyand can physically dominate Ian and Tyrone easily often with a well-timed noogie.

Together with Tyrone, Sandi often acts as a bemused sort of Greek chorus to Ian's antics.Nov 07,  · Marriages involving a workaholic are twice as likely to end in divorce, a study found. For those that stay together, the psychological damage can be considerable.

Being Ian is a Canadian animated series produced by Studio B Productions and Nelvana Limited for YTV, focusing on year-old Ian Kelley, who aspires to become a originally aired from January 1, , to October 25, The series is created by and based on the early life of actor/writer Ian James is set in the city of Burnaby, British Columbia in Vancouver city.

Sep 18,  · 7 Signs You May Be A Workaholic. Amy Morin Contributor i. Being a workaholic shouldn’t be a status symbol – instead it should be treated .

Read each of the statements below and select which option best describes the veracity of each statement. Then click submit to view your score to see whether or not you're a workaholic. Charlie Hoehn was a full-time employee of mine during the making and launch of The 4-Hour Body.

It was an intense period. In this post, Charlie will share his M.E.D. (Minimum Effective Dose) for overcoming anxiety and managing workaholism. There are six techniques in total. Top 6 Negative Effects Of Being A Workaholic. November 28, The results showed with the increase of hours worked, the more stress and physical complaints there were.

Significantly, just like college students, the more hours worked the less of enjoyment of work there was. 2.

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