Semper fi do or die

Bernard Burke in [1] listed many notable families in Great Britain and Ireland using the motto "Semper fidelis" in their coats of arms.

Semper fi do or die

In his last tour of duty, he is to lead a completely fresh squad of recruits. Will they make it through Afghanistan in one piece? Or will they come home in shambles?

Enjoy this latest chapter of Green Team. It's part one of two parts and as always, please read, review and enjoy! Delta squad also joined us for the briefing. They were in for the long haul along with us. Light was running out as the sun cusped the horizon.

Rays of red light splattered the sky in an eerie canvas of blood red. The entire squad was outfitted with night vision goggles and infrared laser pointers attached to their weapons.

Lieutenant Young was covered up to her face with armor, equipment and her rucksack. She looked like a little kid buried in a parka a bit too big for her size. Be prepared for in your face fighting. This is far more dangerous than your usual patrol walk, so keep an eye on the man to the left and right of you.

I can't promise that you'll come back alive, but I can promise you that we will kill the fucking enemy.

Marine Corps Marching Cadences

Crammed in with Fire Team Alpha, I heard the giant vehicle's engine roar into life. I caught a glimpse of Langley and Eddington as they jogged towards their vehicle.

The Scot punched his fist into the air, his eyes meeting mine. I replied with a thumbs-up. This might as well be the last time we ever come back to the FOB alive. Anything could happen in battle. Despite the air conditioning of the vehicle, the heat of eleven soldiers was enough to make the insides of the metal box a little more than stuffy and uncomfortable.

Minutes passed by as the armored car jostled and shook under uneven terrain. The sun dipped below the horizon, light disappearing from the world as the Earth became enveloped in a blanket of darkness.

Like any athlete before a big game, my stomach turned and twisted from nervousness and anticipation of battle.

Semper fi do or die

Other than that, it would just be Eddington, Olivia, the squad and I surrounded by a beehive of fighters. Alpha and Bravo would close the noose around the group of buildings bit by bit as we cleared it.

I smacked the magazine of my rifle and racked the charging handle to chamber a round into the weapon before proceeding to check the rest of my equipment.

A symphony of clicks, clacks and clanks resonated inside the tight backseat of the MRAP. Glancing towards Olivia, I watched her gloved hands fumble with the L85A2 assault rifle.

They unskillfully shoved the magazine into the back of the bullpup and racked the charging handle just to be met with a jammed chamber from a misfed bullet.

I watched her eject precious ammunition a few more times before intervening. I pushed the magazine until it was seated in the rifle before racking the charging handle and handing the weapon back to her, "here. The MRAP came to an abrupt halt. Rumbling from the engine suddenly subsided as the men shutdown the armored car.

I opened the back door and hopped off. Under the cover of darkness and with the moonlight illuminating the ground in its silvery glow, I rallied my men and took up positions behind a raised road.Semper fi, do or die Semper fi, do or die Live my life under fire Semper fi, do or die Live my life under fire.

Don’t get in my way I’m highly trained, a kill machine Death my instinct Master of the battle scene Hell I will bring. Ohh rah! Ahh! I defend our way of life Fierce my spirit.

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