Ophelias contribution in hamlet

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Ophelias contribution in hamlet

Ophelias contribution in hamlet

Women are either good and pure like the Virgin Mary or prostitutes like Mary Magdaleneit is a failing of his that he can't see women as anything deeper than that. His mother, Gertrude, is a prostitute in his estimation because she chose to marry his uncle, his father's brother, something he views as incestuous, but she also in his eyes Hamlet characterizes women in a way that reflects the Catholic Church's paradigm of women.

His mother, Gertrudeis a prostitute in his estimation because she chose to marry his uncle, his father's brother, something he views as incestuous, but she also in his eyes chose his uncle over him.

Opheliahis love interest starts out as good, pure, and virginal to Hamlet 's mind but when she follows Gertrude's suit and chooses to follow her father's will allowing her father to listen in on a conversation between Ophelia and Hamlet over Hamlet's will, she too becomes a whore in his eyes.

Both characters are portrayed as child like, sheltered and trusting throughout the play as well as somewhat one dimensional which is different than some of the other heroines in Shakespeare's work who are more fleshed out.


But digging deeper into their characters, there are differences between the two. Gertrude, despite being a grown woman who has been Queen of Denmark and at least somewhat involved in matters of state, has stubbornly chosen to keep a childlike demeanor.

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She's shallow and only interested in external pleasures and what the next novel pleasure will be. But despite her shallow nature, she is deeply devoted to both Hamlet and Claudius. Ophelia on the other hand, is a much younger woman, sheltered by both her brother and her father from matters of state.

When Hamlet turns on her for acting like his mother in his eyesshe's shattered by this. No one had ever been so cruel to her before and to call her a whore and to tell her that he never loved her though he once claimed to is devastating to her to the point that it snaps her mind.

Ophelias contribution in hamlet

Ophelia is not afforded the same leniency in her frailty as Gertrude was. Ophelia wanders, singing bawdy songs as a bitter reminder to others that her innocence is now gone. When she can no longer handle one tragedy after another including Hamlet's murder of her fathershe chooses to take her own life, unlike Gertrude who died the way she lived, choosing to drink from a shiny new cup to enjoy the novelty, preferring to drink from the poisoned cup than listen to Hamlet's vague warning not to.When Ophelia tells him that Polonius is at home, Hamlet replies with: “Let the doors be shut upon him that he may play the fool nowhere but in ‘s own house” (III.i).

This CONTRIBUTION AGREEMENT, dated as of October 6, (this “Agreement”), is entered into by and between Hamlet Holdings LLC, The contribution and assignment effected by this Agreement is made without any recourse and without any representation or warranty of any kind, express or implied. Ophelia has a unique, very powerful form of madness; she seems caught as a “baker’s daughter,"(Act IV, Sc.

5, 42) between memories of her father and Hamlet who ought have spokedn to her of events on “Valentine’s day."(Act IV, Sc 5, 48) She is doubly hexed and . "The Afterlife of Ophelia presents Ophelia in a broader and more comprehensive range of contexts than previous scholarship and forges connections among fields that are typically pursued as separate lines of inquiry within Shakespeare studies, including: film and new media studies; theatre and performance studie; historicist and contextual perspectives; and studies of popular culture"--Provided.

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Free College Essay Ophelia’s Contribution in Hamlet. Ophelia’s Contribution in Hamlet One thing critics of Hamlet can agree on is that Ophelia, though brief in appearance, enamored.

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