Nothings changed and two scavengers on a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes essay

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Nothings changed and two scavengers on a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes essay

Nothings changed and two scavengers on a truck, two beautiful people in a mercedes essay

Hire Writer Afrika and Ferlinghetti both feel very strongly about inequality in society and how people can be discriminated against due to their skin colour or social class. The reader is able to tell that Afrika feels strongly about his particular culture and traditions because he tells part of the poem in first person singular and plural: In this way he vividly conveys the emotions that Black people suffer as a result of discrimination, as he becomes a part of them.

Afrika demonstrates the suppressed anger and resentment that clearly bubbles beneath the surface when he says: Ferlinghetti conveys his ideas in a more ambiguous manner.

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For example, the last line of his poem: This could demonstrate how Ferlinghetti believes that although the beautiful people are higher up in the social ladder, they are lower down in the moral standpoint of things. Afrika begins by using a succession of one-syllable words, sets a harsh, uncomfortable tone for the rest of the poem.

His use of onomatopoeias also adds to this distinctly coarse atmosphere. Ferlinghetti does not use a distinctive pattern for his first stanza, or in the rest of his poem.

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This combination of factors makes the woman and man in the Mercedes seem as if they are trying very hard to be noticed and to appear flawless. The contrast between the garbage men and beautiful people is highlighted when Ferlinghetti goes as far as to differentiate their smells.

The structure of these two poems is very terms of style and even shape. All the lines start at the same place on the left-hand side of the page.

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Afrika generally follows the style of conventional poetry, with the majority of the stanzas containing roughly the same length of lines and number of lines. However, Afrika does use enjambment, which Ferlinghetti also uses in his poem. For example, the lines that start on the left hand side can be read without those that start slightly indented and vice-versa.

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This is clearly evident in the last stanza, where the final three lines are spaced out in such a way that causes the reader to slow down and pause at the end of every line. This draws attention to the meaning behind the lines. Both poets tell the reader something different; Afrika focuses on the consequences of racial division and discrimination, showing how such treatment can breed hatred, resentment and violent retaliation.

Ferlinghetti chooses to explore the theme of the division that wealth can bring. Choose Type of service.- A Poetry Comparison of Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes and Nothing's Changed The poem 'Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes' has been chosen to be compared with 'Nothing's Changed'.

Two Scavengers In A Truck, Two Beautiful People In A Mercede by Harry Burgess on Prezi

‘Two scavengers, Two beautiful people in a Mercedes’ is shaped in such a way that it physically reflects the social divide, as the poem can be split into two in various different ways . Contrast and Comparison between the Poems, "Two Scavengers" and "Nothings Changed" The couple in the Mercedes have a respectable job, are clean and are seen as clever and better off than many.

Mar 15,  · SITUATION: A garbage truck and a “flash” Mercedes stop side by side at a red traffic light – 9a.m. in downtown San Francisco. This allows the poet to compare the two couples on board each vehicle and his language reveals his attitudes to them, to the American Dream and to America being a (supposed) “democracy”.

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