Letter of advice on communication essay

Below is a very real letter that I wrote.

Letter of advice on communication essay

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Understand why communication is important in the work setting 1. People communicate in order to establish and maintain relationships with others, to give and receive information or instructions, to understand and be understood, to share opinions, knowledge, feelings, emotions.

Communication at work gives cooperation. Effective communication is to understand service user and assist them in according to that. Nothing can be done properly without a complete communication. As a care worker, if I could not able to communicate with my service user because of communication barrier then the service would be unsuccessful.

You have to communicate with your colleague to cooperate your work and make job to go smooth. Because from reaction or body language sometimes you can understand how they are feeling or reacting.

Also it is important so that you can recognise any communication barriers such as language difficulties, hearing difficulties, visual impairments any physical difficulties affecting your communication.

Be able to meet the communication and language needs, wishes and preferences of individuals.

Letter of advice on communication essay

You need to make sure that you are able to communicate with the people in a different ways. People have a wide range of communication needs, which involve the consideration of many different factors such as: You need to understand and respect all different wishes and preferences.

You can learn them by asking, observing, reading notes and care plans, talking with other staff. You can use verbal and non-verbal methods to communicate.

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We are using eye-contact, body language, facial expressions or gesture to make conversation easier. We can use things such as hearing aids or glasses to help service user to understand you more clearly. Be able to reduce barriers to communication. There is many communication barriers like: If there is different languages you can ask translator help, in case of deafness you can use body language and gesture or eye-contact, facial expressions.

If there is to much noise you can turn of sound source or go where is quiet. With emotional distraction you can try to sort the problem out or wait till person calms down. With speech impairment you can also use body language.

Observe reaction of service user. Active listening do their response make sense or do you need to ask questions to clarify. You always can ask support of your managers, life care leaders, other staff.

Also there is specialists services like translators, speech and language services or other people who is more qualified than you. Be able to apply principles and practices relating to confidentiality at work 4. Confidentiality means not sharing information about people without their knowledge and agreement, and ensuring that written and electronic information cannot be accessed or read by other people who have no reason to see it.

You can keep all written information safely locked in cabinets. Or you can use passwords on your important files in computer.Effects of Using Mobile Phones Too Much In today’s fast-moving and globalised world it is almost impossible to imagine our day-to-day life without mobile phones.

It is one of the most successful inventions of the 20th century, which has become a convenient means of communication. Letter to Essay. will provide you with a few suggestions I believe will assist with your problem.

Communication It seems from your letter that you are going through a rough patch in your relationship, which is also a common problem in all relationships.

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When writing a letter, it is important to remember who will read it (friend, family member, or potential employer), the main topics that you want to describe, how to start an informal letter in English, and any other information that you think the reader should learn.

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