Hamlet the ultimate choice

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Hamlet the ultimate choice

I will not falter again. We shall answer this outrage! The Mad King must be stopped! Chrom is one of the three main protagonists of Fire Emblem Awakening. His birthday is May He leads his Shepherds force to protect the peace when the neighboring nation of Plegia begins acting suspiciously.

He has a strong sense of justice and is a crucial member of his squad. He breaks the most things during army practice. Though Frederick is initially wary, Chrom finds no danger in the Avatar.

That night, Chrom and Lissa are attacked by Risen from a mysterious portal. Chrom manages to kill one of the Risen, but a second one nearly kills Lissaprevented by the timely arrival of a masked warrior.

After dispatching all of the remaining Risen, the masked warrior introduces himself as "Marth" and warns Chrom of future calamities yet to come before leaving. After Raimi realizes that this Chrom is the real deal, she takes them to Flavia.

Chrom challenges him and is impressed by his skill. After returning to Ylisse, Chrom, Lissa and Emmeryn are informed that Maribelle has been captured by Plegian forces who accuse her of being a spy. Emmeryn decides to go alone, but for fear of the Plegians attempting to hurt her, Chrom goes with.

Chrom persuades Emmeryn not to give it to him, however before Emmeryn makes her requirements for peace Gangrel orders a Plegian soldier to take it by force. The mad king takes it as a declaration of war, and begins a battle against the Shepards.

They repel the initial group of attackers and returns to Ylisse.

Hamlet the ultimate choice

Later, "Marth" reappears inside the Ylisstol garden and warns Chrom of a planned assassination of Emmeryn that night. To prove his good intentions, he slays a nearby assassin planning on killing Chrom. However, another appears and Marth falters. He quickly rushes into the castle at the sound of an explosion and finds Plegian assassins making their way to Emmeryn.

After successfully stopping Validar and the attempted assassination, Chrom encourages Emmeryn to leave the capital, which she reluctantly agrees to. Just after leaving the capital, Chrom receives news from Cordeliawho was sent by her fellow Pegasus Knights to notify Emmeryn, that Ylisstol was attacked by Plegia.

Emmeryn leaves the protection of the Shepherds and returns to Ylisstol, where she is promptly captured by Gangrel. Chrom rushes back to Ylisstol and finds out that Emmeryn has been taken to Plegia, where she will be executed.

Chrom and the Avatar devise a rescue plan, and it is nearly successful, but as Phila is about to rescue her, a group of Risen archers warp in and kill Phila and her accompanying Pegasus Knights. Gangrel leaves Chrom with two options; surrender and give up the Fire Emblem, or have Emmeryn killed.

Before Chrom can make a decision, Emmeryn sacrifices herself by leaping off a cliff, falling to her death. Immediately after, Basilio arrives on scene along with Olivia to escort Chrom and the others to the saftey of Ferox.

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Chrom wishes to get her body but, is quickly stopped from making a careless mistake and escapes unharmed. The Shepards meet up witht the leader of the Border Waste troops, Mustafa. He gives them the choice of surrendering with a lesser sentence or battling to the death. Clouded by grief and fury, Chrom states he will kill every last Plegian on that land.

The battle ends with the tragic death of Mustafa. Chrom takes up the role of Exalt of Ylisse, though he does not yet accept the title.

Conquest of Valm Two years after the end of the Ylisse-Plegia war, Chrom is married and is father to a baby girl, Lucina.

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Unfortunately, a new menace is threatening the continent of Ylisse: Even with their combined strength, the two forces barely manage to take out the vanguards.

The Avatar decides that the only way to stop them from invading is by attacking Valm itself. As the two countries do not have a navy of sorts, they also suggest to go to Plegia, which Chrom refuses to because of the war two years ago.On a recent train ride from Hue to Hoi An, food was everywhere in sight.

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The court of Denmark is filled with spies: Claudius hires Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, to spy on Hamlet; Polonius spies on Hamlet in Gertrude’s bedchamber; Polonius uses Ophelia as bait to spy on Hamlet.

Hamlet is not a part of this deceit; he is honest. It does reflect on his situation. Pyrrhus is the ultimate avenger, who delays only briefly before the grisly business of mincing King Priam.

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