Fin516 week 2 mini case

What is the name of the company? What is the industry sector? What are the operating risks of the company? What is the financial risk of the company the debt to total capitalization ratio?

Fin516 week 2 mini case

Tuesday and Friday, RoomJan 13, As an extension of Financial Modeling FMthis course is intended for the student who wishes to learn how to utilize financial theory in real world applications in a more profound manner. Firstly, more topics regarding Excel modeling of financial opportunities are introduced.

Secondly, and much more importantly, students will learn and master Excel s user-defined capabilities. As in FM, students of FM2 will develop Fin516 week 2 mini case models in a breadth of topics.

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In addition to conditional branching and looping, VBA is useful for modeling user-defined functions of multi-variables, e.

Such calculations can be done more efficiently Page 1 of 2 2 with user-defined functions, especially those buried inside other analyses. Indeed, more complex i. In short, whereas casual Excel users do not need user-defined programs, such tools are indispensable for professional practitioners of finance.

Additional References and Supplemental Textbooks: Our graduates will be effective communicators. Our graduates will be skilled in team work and leadership.

Our graduates will be trained in ethics.

Fin516 week 2 mini case

Our graduates will have a global perspective. Our graduates will be skilled in problemsolving and critical thinking Our students will produce quality business and research-oriented documents Students are able to professionally present their ideas and also logically explain and defend their argument Students will be able to lead and participate in group for projects, discussion, and presentation Students will be able to apply leadership theories and related skills In a case setting, students will use appropriate techniques to analyze business problems and identify the ethical aspects, provide a solution and defend it Our students will practice ethics in the duration of the program Students will have an international exposure Our students will have a good understanding of fundamental theories in their fields Our students will be prepared to face problems in various business settings and find solutions Our students will demonstrate competency in critical thinking.

The course is practical in nature. Upon completion of the course, the student will be fluent in not only Excel and financial modeling, but also Macros which generate VBA code and VBA directly. The student will also have a nice tool kit of many real world financial models across a very broad range of topics.

This combination of fluency of advanced financial modeling and portfolio of models will prove invaluable during both interviews with potential employers as well as execution of finance-related employment tasks. The professor has two primary goals: Each student is required to possess a laptop equipped with Excel and VBA.

FM2 is very "hands-on", with most of the grade determined via demonstration of building models via group homework projects. Group membership numbers six 6 and will be determined by the students themselves by the fourth lecture.

The professor is happy to assign groups to those students who prefer not to choose their own group members. The final exam will be easier if you have actively participated in the group projects. Otherwise, the final exam will likely be beyond the student s capability. There are two overarching themes: The professor firmly believes that treating individuals differently is inherently unfair.

Thus, everyone will be treated the same. Each student will self-select into groups of six 6 students. The professor will assign any student to a group who chooses not to self-select.

Evaluations from each student s group peers will be done during the final week of the module. These evaluations will factor into the Average of student s Group Project Scores.

Fin516 week 2 mini case

If the student has actively participated in all project work, if the student has attended all lectures, if the student has kept up with textbook lecture readings, and if the student has studied carefully any lecture notes provided by the professor, then the final exam will be straightforward.

Otherwise, the student will likely be incapable of negotiating it. Please review carefully the guidelines. If the student is uncomfortable with these, then the student should not take this course. The professor will grade that which is handed in on time. Students will be informed of the exact nature of the exam no later than the final course lecture.

The student who chooses to take the final exam with inferior equipment does so at his own peril. Professor s Subjective Evaluation: However, this does not excuse an absence.FIN – WEEK 2 – MINI – CASE ASSIGNMENT (This should be posted in Document Sharing) Select a major industrial or commercial company based in the United States, and listed on one of the major stock exchanges in the United lausannecongress2018.coms: 3.

FIN WEEK 2 MINI CASE ASSIGNMENT -Microsoft Corporation FIN Week 4 Quiz FIN Week 5 IPO Paper FIN Week 8 Final Exam FIN Week 1 Homework Problem on Ex-dividend Price Based on Chapter 17 Payout Policy Natsam Corporation has $ million of excess cash.

The firm has no debt and million shares outstanding with a current. FIN – WEEK 2 – MINI – CASE ASSIGNMENT. The company I have chosen to do is Kellogg Company (K) on the NYSE. Write a 7 – 8 page double spaced paper answering and demonstrating with calculations and financial data the following questions.

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FIN Week 2 Mini Case Assignment 3. What is the financial risk of the company (the debt to total capitalization ratio)? Ratio = Debt/Stockholders Equity The total debt for Google Inc. after the end of September is $M and the total stockholders’ equity is $M. Accounting FIN – WEEK 2 – MINI – CASE ASSIGNMENT Select a major industrial or commercial company based in the United States, and listed on one of the major stock exchanges.

FIN – WEEK 2 – MINI – CASE ASSIGNMENT Kellogg Company (K) on the NYSE | Achiever Essays