Eng1501 road to mecca

Place: Nieu Bethesda in South Africa The road to Mecca is based on a real life story of Miss Helen Martins who is considered Africa's most outsider artist.

Eng1501 road to mecca

The following is an essay I wrote for my English literature module at university. I thought I'd share, specifically if there are other students or interested parties who might benefit from having my thoughts available.

To understand the man, we need to grasp his position among the people he serves. As dominee of the village of Nieu Bethesda, Marius is an important member of a highly conservative community. In that regard, people look up to him, and he is under a fair amount of pressure to maintain high standards and function as the spiritual and moral pillar of this community.

It is also clear that he takes his work seriously and is hyper conscious about what he considers his Christian duty, even if it results in actions that might be viewed as authoritarian from a more liberal point of view. As a Eng1501 road to mecca leader, he must display only exemplary behaviour according to the norms of the time, perhaps even at the cost of his own happiness.

As dominee and friend, he approaches Helen with the proposition that she apply to live in an old age home. This does not immediately make him a likeable character, but then Fugard weaves in additional details that develop Marius as a person and allow us to gain a degree of sympathy with him.

This is illustrated when he shares that he came to Nieu Bethesda to escape a painful past. I was very wrong. His intentions are good; he honestly wishes to serve his community even at the expense of himself.

This is not exactly the sort of room the village ladies are used to or would feel comfortable in having afternoon tea.

As for all that out there… the less said about it, the better. In a way he blames her for isolating herself by creating an environment that is contrary to accepted norms.

He simply cannot wrap his head around the idea that an individual would willingly step outside of accepted social behaviour. This results in him, despite his good intentions, to act in a patronising manner towards Helen for which Elsa chastises him because he cannot control nor understand her yearning for artistic expression.

He cares deeply, yet he himself cannot express himself. It frightens them, Miss Barlow. Think back to your impressionable years as a little girl.


I know for a fact that all the children in the village believe that this house is haunted and that ghosts walk around out there at night. Elsa points out to Marius that Helen dared to be different by not going to church anymore and engaging more in her art, which is representative of her freedom.

That first Sunday she skipped church Marius worried about her and went to check up on her after the service, only to discover that she was busy making a sculpture. It is a natural step for him to feel threatened and jealous by her attraction to this pursuit, and view the sculptures as idols.

For what?

Eng1501 road to mecca

For caring about you? That I am frightened of what you have done to yourself and your life, yes, that is true! I tried hard, Marius, but your sermons, the prayers, the hymns, they all became just words.

And there came a time when even they lost their meaning. With Stefanus gone, so was her last tie to her old life and her reason to pretend. Marius shows that he is mature enough to let Helen go; the gulf between them is too vast.

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He has loved her for twenty years and has only admitted it now, when it is too late, which is to my mind the real tragedy. Marius is revealed as humble, and down to earth, and as genuinely caring despite his prejudice against artistic freedom and his somewhat patronising attitude towards Helen.

Tragically, he cannot let go and join her, but there is a resolution of sorts, and peace is made. They both go their separate ways, their differences irreconcilable—freedom vs.

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Quietplace Road To Mecca.

Road to Mecca by Athol Fugard ENG Plot, Characterization and Themes Background Information Athol Fugard • • • • • • • • • • Born in in the Eastern Cape.

Afrikaans mother, English father. Qualified as a mechanic, degree in social anthropology, worked as a sailor. Started theatre group in and wrote plays performed in the Labia.  The Road to Mecca. In this essay I will discuss the way the play “The Road to Mecca” represents women’s rights to express themselves freely.

Helen is a widow who lives in a rural Afrikaans town in the Karoo, New Bethseda. ENG THE ROAD TO MECCA EXAM PREP 3. SUMMARY $ ENG THE ROAD TO MECCA - A Summary. Everything for this study book. More courses of B ed foundation phase - University of South Africa (Unisa).