Editorial writing assignment on respect

Service Social Responsibility If librarians make decisions that fortify these values, it seems likely that we will increase well being significantly for many, and measurably for everyone, at least in the long term. In the short term, there are people and firms that would benefit if we were to compromise our core values. For instance, a publisher might only agree to sell its books to libraries that are willing to ignore the precedents established by first sale and fair use.

Editorial writing assignment on respect

Wikipedia community and Wikipedia: Wikipedians The English Wikipedia currently has 34, users who have registered a username. An unknown but relatively large number of unregistered Wikipedians also contribute to the site.

Aboutnew accounts are created every month. Abouteditors have edited Wikipedia more than 10 times. The type of people who were drawn to writing an encyclopedia for fun tend to be pretty smart people. Many people in the Wikipedia community are conscious that the demographics of who edits the site can lead to systemic bias in the content of the site and there are efforts to remedy these biases.

How do editors contribute to Wikipedia? Contributing to Wikipedia The content of any particular article is subject to editorial discretion developed via consensus.

First Editorial Assignment

Wikipedia is not paperwhich means we can write almost an unlimited amount on any topic. Still, there are limits on what we ought to include, and especially how we ought to write it.

Someone may place a notice at the top of the article indicating that it needs to be cleaned up. It is also possible to create a new article to share information that is not yet in Wikipedia.

The way to decide whether a particular statement is accurate is to find independent reliable sources to affirm that statement, such as books, magazine articles, television news stories, trade journals, or other websites.

For more guidance on evaluating the accuracy of Wikipedia articles, see researching with Wikipedia. The Wikipedia style guide encourages editors to cite sources. Detailed citations allow readers of the article to easily verify the content in question.

When a large group of people work to compile information on a given topic, disputes may arise. A useful feature of Wikipedia is the ability to tag an article, or a section of the article, as subject of a dispute about a neutral point of view.

This feature is especially popular for controversial topics, topics subject to changing current events or other topics where divergent opinions exist. They will attempt to reach consensus so that all valid perspectives can be fairly represented.

This allows Wikipedia to be a place not only of information, but of collaboration. Many users of Wikipedia consult the page history of an article in order to assess the number, and the perspective, of people who contributed to the article.

You may also consult the talk page of any article to see what other readers and editors have to say about it. These articles were granted "featured" status because they were judged to be of high quality by other editors and users. If later edits reduce the quality of a featured article, a user can nominate an article for removal from the list.

Editor integrity — discusses how editors have a responsibility to uphold the integrity of Wikipedia and respect intellectual property rights of the sources they draw upon when they create and improve encyclopedia pages.

editorial writing assignment on respect

Five pillars — describes the fundamental principles of Wikipedia summarized in five "pillars". The essence of Wikipedia — describes how Wikipedia is the harnessing of the collective intelligence and collaborative efforts of editors who hold opposing points of view, in an attempt to preserve all serious contributions which are reliably sourced.

Wikipedia is a volunteer service — discusses how editors on Wikipedia are mainly volunteers. Editors can contribute as much as they want, and however long they desire.In brief: Members of the Lead Pipe Editorial Board reflect on their own personal philosophies of librarianship in response to Emily Ford’s recent article.

What is your librarian philosophy? Let us know in the comments. Writing Assignment #2: Editorial Response Everything that has happened should not have happened at all. If it weren’t for Antigone and her pathetic, passionate beliefs then the .

2 Chapter 2. How do I generate and position my ideas? Sandra Collins. For many graduate students, especially those who have not attended university in a number of years, the thought of writing a page research paper is quite overwhelming.

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characteristics of editorial writing An editorial is an article that presents the newspaper's opinion on an issue. It reflects the majority vote of the editorial board, the governing body of the newspaper made up of editors and business managers. Learn why the Common Core is important for your child. What parents should know; Myths vs. facts. Jul 26,  · If you have been asked to write an editorial piece for a major newspaper or magazine, it’s a definite sign that your career is looking up. For any journalist or writer, being asked to write an editorial is a matter of great privilege and lausannecongress2018.com: Kasia Mikoluk.

Recommendation. Critically analyze the case, determine the potential courses of action, and — most importantly — take a clear and decisive position with respect to what you would do if you were one of the lead characters in this case.

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