Ecotourism in the galapagos islands costa

Their migration from Alaska's Bering Sea to the warm waters of Baja's Pacific lagoons is the longest mammal migration on Earth. Nearly hunted to extinction in the past, these gentle giants have made a dramatic comeback.

Ecotourism in the galapagos islands costa

How, realistically, are you supposed to protect the most intriguing, unique, and famous ecosystem on the planet, when it has become one of the most desired places to visit?

Due to the ecological and environmental significance of the Galapagos Islands, it became increasingly evident that responsible tourism management and development was imperative to the sustainability of both the Galapagos ecosystem and ecotourism industry.

Sustainable Tourism and Visitor Management Sustaining ecotourism in the Galapagos in the most responsible manner has come down to the Directorate of the Galapagos National Parkand the tour operators it has granted permission and access to the park.

The Directorate also implements a four-part visitor management system including proper zoning for public use, knowing an acceptable visitor load, tourist monitoring, and the strict regulation of itineraries.

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This system is one that must be respected and followed by all entities in the Galapagos to ensure that there is a future for ecotourism in the Galapagos. Control and Monitoring of Ecotourism Operations The Directorate closely monitors the tourism operators in the Galapagos.

After all, between andthe number of yearly visitors to the islands increased from about 68, to overIn order to accommodate that kind of influx, the Directorate needed to be exceptionally diligent in their implementation of control and monitoring systems. It is a very technical and highly monitored processbut all tourist arrivals are strictly controlled, through the verification of vessel and tour operator licenses, adherence to pre-approved itineraries, respecting carrying capacities, enforcement of park visitor entry fees, visitor registration, and regular inspection of tourist boats.

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It appears as though the Galapagos has managed its ecotourism idol status well. Through the development and implementation of strict guidelines, policies, procedures, and systems, the Directorate has ensured that the environmental, ecological, and cultural integrity of the Galapagos has stayed in tact, all while welcoming thousands of ecotourism travelers annually.One World is a directory of meaningful travel experiences, holidays, tours, gap years, volunteer programs, jobs, internships, TEFL, courses & study abroad programs in + destinations worldwide.

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Ecotourism in the galapagos islands costa

For us, the absolute best ecotourism destination is the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. This group of islands is at the top of every traveler’s dream destination list. With offices in the UK,USA,PERU and throughout Latin America,We offer a wide range of Tours to Peru and Latin America,from Luxury to Economy Tours including Honeymoon Getaways,Luxurious Travel,Family Vacations, Private Jet Travel and Adventure Trips.

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You'll snorkel with playful sea lions, admire amusing blue-footed boobies, and marvel at ancient tortoises.

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