District 9

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District 9

There it sits still, suspended over the city like a giant metal thundercloud. These are stormy days indeed inside District 9, the refugee camp just outside the city built to deal with the huge alien population left stranded by the broken craft. And it's a blast. Unemployment is rampant in District 9, healthcare is nonexistent -- unless you count those secret scientific experiments -- and crime is on the District 9, helped along by a Nigerian mafia that specializes in guns and ammo.

The Prawns spend their days brawling and getting drunk on cat food, which it turns out they have a serious weakness for, sending cat food prices soaring. The locals are fed up and pushing for segregation, again, in South Africa. Don't we ever learn? Meanwhile, the Prawns just want to go home.

District 9

They District 9 don't speak English, and humans don't understand much of their synthesized screeches, so what we have here is a failure to communicate though subtitles help us out. The film opens on a drab, workstation-filled floor in what turns out to be headquarters for MNU, the organization well compensated by the world for managing the aliens.

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A mass resettlement of District 9 is about to get underway, with news cameras rolling and talking heads covering every bit of minutia. Director Neill Blomkamp, who wrote the screenplay with Terri Tatchell, uses the hour news cycle and its panel of experts to fill out the film's complex back story in a form that feels frighteningly familiar.

But as with everything else about "District 9," there's more to it than that. He's an unlikely hero, with the demeanor of a '50s-era science teacher in a short-sleeve white shirt and horn rims in a very loose way the film has a s feel. Wikus has been picked to oversee the resettlement project in part because he's an ordinary Joe who the higher-ups think will play well on TV, with its live news feed transmitting his every move.

But like a reality TV show gone terribly wrong or rightbad things begin to happen once Wikus steps inside the district, with a series of accidents and events turning him into a wanted man.

You can feel his pain as he realizes that the company he's spent a lifetime working for has abandoned him when he needs it most. A great deal of action and insight accompanies Wikus as he tries to evade authorities and the medical teams who are suddenly quite interested in his alien exposure.

He finds allies where he least expects them, among the Prawns, specifically a strategic leader named Christopher Johnson Jason Cope and his young prawn spawn, little C.

Despite the language barriers, understanding grows and, not surprisingly, Wikus begins to see another side of things, aliens driven by needs not unlike his own. Violence of varying stripes runs through the film, and within the bloody mess some very nifty camera work is going on.

As bullets penetrate flesh or crack shell, the camera shifts, throwing you right in the middle of things, the pieces raining down around you.

It's like nothing I've experienced, and if they'd gone 3-D with it, I'd have probably run for cover. The action sequences are aggressive and extensive. The metal eco-skeletons that the aliens can slip into and the assault rifles they pick up are theirs exclusively because the machines respond only to alien DNA.

The choice to make the aliens particularly gross is an intriguing one. No ethereal eyes to peer into, no close encounters desired, given the rows of nasty-looking pincers on their bellies.

It's a lot to get past on the road to tolerance. Humor, and there is that too, comes in the form of irony. But then Blomkamp has seeded irony and analogies throughout "District 9" as he makes his way through a myriad of modern anxieties including the racial divide, class differences, big business, broadcast news and the big-brother world of reality TV.In geographical size, District 9 is the fourth largest District covering 16, square miles, containing varied topography.

Mount Whitney (the highest peak in the lower 48 states) is less than miles from Bad Water, Death Valley (the lowest point in the US). Legal Disclaimer This website is not affiliated with, endorsed by or sponsored by Netflix in any way.

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This site does not represent Netflix or Netflix in Australia. Nov 06,  · 74, %: Total Votes (not including write-ins) District Map. Contact Us. Oct 16,  · District 9 Small City and Neighborhood Association Information.

Butchertown Neighborhood Association The Butchertown Neighborhood is represented by Councilmembers Bill Hollander (D9) and David Tandy (D4). John Marshall Park. Neighboring the E.

District 9

Barrett Prettyman Courthouse is John Marshall Park. The park was named in honor of John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from , who at one time resided at the park's location. District 9 Motorsports, Inc.

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