An analysis of the terrorist news

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An analysis of the terrorist news

Radical Indonesian cleric Aman Abdurrahman, blamed for a terrorist attack on a Jakarta Starbucks cafe, has been sentenced to death. Abdurrahman kneeled and kissed the floor as the panel of five judges announced the sentence.

Several hundred paramilitary and counterterrorism police secured the Jakarta court where the trial took place. Police said the leader of those bombers was part of a network of militants inspired by Abdurrahman. They included the Starbucks attack in the capital that killed four civilians and four militants, an attack on a bus terminal in Jakarta that killed three police officers and an attack on a church in Kalimantan that killed a two-year-old girl.

Several other children suffered serious burns from the Kalimantan attack. The court said there was no reason for leniency.

An analysis of the terrorist news

It gave seven days for defence lawyers to consider lodging an appeal. Abdurrahman refused to recognise the authority of the court, part of his rejection of secular government in Indonesia and desire to replace it with Shariah law.

The suicide bombings in Surabaya killed 26 people, including 13 attackers. Two families carried out the attacks, using children as young as seven. Abdurrahman was sentenced to prison in after a bomb he made prematurely exploded at a house in West Java, and again in for his role in helping set up a jihadi training camp in a mountainous area of Aceh province.Sep 27,  · Get up to the minute breaking political news and in-depth analysis on For Christians On The New World Order.

Analysis and Recap Of Current Events Being Reported In The News Around the World. Life Alert's emergency response systems help you maintain your independent life by providing you with emergency protection anytime, anywhere- 24/7. How much did the September 11 terrorist attack cost America?

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Counting the value of lives lost as well as property damage and lost production of goods and services, losses already exceed $ billion. Yochanan Visser is an independent journalist/analyst who worked for many years as Middle East correspondent for Western in Arizona and was a frequent publicist for the main Dutch.

An analysis of the terrorist news

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