An analysis of the rights and wrongs in society in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robe

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An analysis of the rights and wrongs in society in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robe

The individual you are providing feedback to will only be able to guess at your intentions based on what you communicate through words and body language.

Being upfront about your intentions also includes being open about the severity of the criticism. What are the consequences for the recipient of this criticism?

Are comments being offered up as food for thought? Did he commit career-suicide and is being fired? Will the conversation end with a formal complaint for her personnel file? It is critical to communicate the severity of the feedback at the beginning of the conversation so that the individual can stop worrying and focus on the issue at hand rather than the consequences.

Another strategy for giving constructive criticism is to lead the conversation with questions and observations.

This helps the individual feel a sense of ownership in the conversation as opposed to being scolded.

An analysis of the rights and wrongs in society in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robe

Constructive criticism should be concrete and actionable, providing the recipient with alternatives for correction. There is a fine line between being constructive and couching criticism in positive affirmations. Have you thought about raising his eyebrows or giving him a smile to help convey a happier expression?

This can make the situation more stressful as the individual struggles to decipher mixed messages. However, a big part of learning is recognizing, analyzing, and fixing our mistakes. In a profession focused on lifelong learning, the skill of accepting feedback should be an area of continual improvement.

Criticism is best received when it is invited, so perhaps we should welcome it more frequently within libraries. However, a line of conversation in this vein opens the door to a conversation about how the individuals would like to handle criticism and feedback.

Would you like to receive feedback in-person? At the end or beginning of the day? Using humor to lighten the tone of this important dialogue will decrease anxiety and help both parties feel more relaxed moving forward.

It is a strategy that would be ideal for new librarians, interns, or graduate assistants, in order to start developing their emotional intelligence and ability to give and receive criticism.

In order to receive more concrete and actionable criticism, ask for feedback on a specific aspect of your work rather than general thoughts.

Considering the medium through which you communicate your request for feedback and the feedback itself is also important. It is incredibly difficult to provide constructive criticism through e-mail, as tone is hard to discern and body language is non-existent. Ken Petress, professor emeritus of communication at the University of Maine, recommends that recipients resist being dogmatic or rigid about their work, whatever it may be.Zen in the Art of Rhetoric You Have 0 Item(s) In Cart | My Account | Order Status | Check Excelsior Editions Journals Rights & Permissions Author Events Conferences News & Special Offers Zen in the Art of Rhetoric An Inquiry into Coherence.

Click on image to enlarge personal narratives, critical analysis, and epistemological. The Zen approach to discipline has been distilled in books like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig.

Zen in the Art of Rhetoric

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An analysis of the rights and wrongs in society in zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance by robe

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Motorcycle Lane, n. A shortcut to the. Zen and the Art of Constructive Criticism While we’re not formally educated in the art of critique, library professionals are required to provide and accept feedback in a variety of different situations.

Thinking in terms of “private doubts”

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